Association Society Membership

The fundamental mission of WASM is to advance sleep health worldwide. Any person or institution with an active interest in the field of sleep medicine may become a member of WASM. Members of the association are divided into three classes:

a. Individual Members consist of professionals active in the field of sleep.

b. Associate Society Members consist of regional societies and associations, which include sleep medicine within their scope of concern.

c. Supporting Members consist of any legal person, organization or other legal body that wishes to support activities of the Association.

Criteria for Membership

All members must accept the mission statement, bylaws, and general procedures of the WASM. This information is available at


Associate Society Member: Associate members do not receive votes. We encourage individuals to apply and become an individual WASM member to participate in voting matters.

Society Membership Benefits

The WASM understands the importance of local, national, and international educational meetings that allow for networking and advancement of sleep medicine. WASM will help promote the meetings and conferences of Associate Society Members by providing an endorsement of the meeting. Associate Society Membership benefits include the following:

-Endorsement of Member meetings/conferences (requires approval by membership committee) and listing on WASM website.

-Use of the WASM logo on meeting/conference materials as WASM Associate Society Member.

-Complimentary meeting space at the World Congress of Sleep Medicine for Sleep Society Meetings (provided space is available).

-Access to Sleep Medicine to individual members of the Associate Society Member

-One complimentary regular WASM membership.