Benefits of becoming a WASM Associate Society Member include the following:

  1. Discount of US$10 for your members to join WASM.  The regular price of $55 is reduced to $45.  A code will be given to your members with an invitation to join WASM.
  2. Access to Sleep Medicine via online.  Separate email instructions will be sent to your members providing an access code.
  3. Complimentary meeting space and final program acknowledgement at our World Congress of Sleep Medicine held in Seoul Korea from March 21-25, 2015 of your membership. Reserving meeting space requires advance request per congress policy and depends on available space.
  4. One complimentary WASM regular membership for society representative.
  5. Use of the WASM logo for website and print material to publicize your WASM Associate Society Membership.  Please note that approval is needed from WASM to use the WASM logo.